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Long time ago ...

... it was my birthday! 

We all know that I have been over birthdays for a while. Hence, I decided to NOT make a big deal about it AT ALL this year. I deactivated the birthday notification on Facebook. I didn't post about it on the blog or any other social media platform like previous years (2011, 2012). My logic was (is) that, wishes mean something when they come naturally, not when you actually have to ask for them yourself. In the last couple of years, I have done exactly that -> Since Facebook & Blog came in to my life, declaring my birthday to the world and then being happy about all the birthday wishes I received, must have been the most dumbest thing I have ever done (in my adult life). It used to feel special when friends, cousins and family from all around the world called and sent cards because they remembered it all by themselves, without any hint/nudge from me. What's so special in physically filling your own birthday in people's 'My Birthday Calendar App' so that they can then wish you on your birthday. Do you see the irony here? ... May be I am the only one, but then you already know how I like being the only one ... ;)

... guess what, this ended up being the most special birthday ever, since 2006. I had joined Facebook in December 2006. I received the most thoughtful presents from my family, my husband got me a delicious cake, my brother wrote me a LONG birthday letter for the very first time, which I incidentally received ON my birth date itself (and I am not ashamed to say I bawled like crazy after reading it!) and everyone who matters, remembered to wish me, without any help from me! ... and then we ended the evening at one of my favorite restaurant. It doesn't get better than that, does it? Not for me.

So why am I telling everyone about my birthday now? Well, I am not actually telling, I am just documenting my special day on my blog. For archival purposes. Besides, its too late to wish me now. I am quite certain there is an expiry date on belated birthday wishes! :P 

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