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60 Ways To Make Your Marriage Rock

I found this list on someone's Facebook Page and started reading it for entertainment. And then a light bulb went on in my head and I decided to be a little snarky and see how I instantly reacted to each of these awesome (?) tips! 

1. Always love each other, even when it's hard to 

Bull shit. I would say always respect each other even when its hard to love

2. Never go to bed angry.
Again, bull shit! Just go to bed. Sleep solves everything. 

3. Go on regular date nights
This I agree. Wholeheartedly! 

4. Hide notes in secret places
Do that. But let it not be a bit 'too' secret place :P

5. Go to bed at the same time
O! Dr. Fab is gonna love this one. He supports this 100 %. I believe sleep whenever you are sleepy!

6. Listen to music together-share ear-buds
Its not that romantic. Rather quite uncomfortable. Just get your own iPod & headset. 

7. Buy him gifts he will love
Yeah! Can't argue with that much. Can I? 

8. Revitalize the romance with intimate dates
Didn't we already cover that in #3? 

9. Wear shirts that tell the world you love your spouse
Huh? Let's NOT tell the world anything. Keep your love between yourself.  

10. Praise your spouse to other people
Sure. If its about something special. Else its just nauseating. 

11. Read a marriage devotional
What on earth is that?!?!

12. Sleep in his t-shirts
I'd have to give in to this one. They are rather comfortable. 

13. Renew your vows privately with whispers and memories
Yes! Privately being the most important part. 

14. Renew them publicly with cake and bubbly
Yes! But not for your monthly anniversaries. Only when you cross the 25 year threshold. 

15. Go away together at least once a year
I'd say more than once a year. 

For Women Mostly
O.K. then! ;)

16. Hang pictures of the two of you around your house
Alright, but I don't see how it would make my marriage rock?

17. Make his favorite dessert
Sure. Why not. If you are in the mood of baking!

18. Make sex a priority
Erm! Nothing sarcastic to say on this topic. 

19. Spend time apart occasionally

20. Learn to enjoy something he loves
Yes. That is a good advice. 

21. Surprise each other
Depends. But I would have to agree. 

22. Meet him at the door
Always! (of course you have to be home first to do that!)

23. Text each other from across the room
Can be cute! But not when you are sitting with other people. That's rude. 

24. Set reminders on your phone to remember him/her throughout the week
Huh? You mean you could actually forget you are married? Ever?

25. Call him right now and tell him you appreciate him
I wouldn't do that. But wait. Let me try. He doesn't know about this post ... He replied, "Why?"

For Men Mostly

26. Leave work on time and come home early

Wouldn't he have to leave work early to come home early?

27. Engage every day in meaningful conversation
What if you are a goofy-couple? Do you still 'have' to do that?

28. Compliment each other
Sure. Only when you mean it. 

29. Take one day a month to make your spouse your total focus
Just ONE day?

30. Argue fair: avoid these words “you always” and “you never”
Practice makes us perfect. And yes, agreed!

31. Kiss every day

32. Find tangible ways to serve your mate without complaining
Serve?!?!?1 ... What now?

33. Forgive quickly
He does. I can't!

34. Be honest.
Of course!

35. Get on the same page: plan your budget together

36. Look your best as often as you can
No arguments. Or complaints there!

37. Guard your marriage
Kripya apne saaman ki khudh suraksha karein! ;)

38. Laugh together
Agreed, again!

39. When you are together-BE TOGETHER (take a break from phones, technology, etc)
Hell-to-the-Yes! Again!

40. Tell her she’s pretty, especially when she’s not feeling it
That would be the kind thing to do!

#1 - #15 were for ...?!?!?

41. Make each other breakfast in bed
Please don't! At least, I like having breakfast only after brushing my teeth and when its nicely spread on the table. 

42. Do each other's chores 
If you mean help each other out. Yes!

44. Get a couple’s massage or host your own privately
Always fun!

44. Dance together to soft music 
Dance. To anything. Any music you like. 

45. Exercise together - hikes, bike riding, etc
Whenever time permits do it together. But exercise, regardless. 

46. Choose not to be annoyed by an irritating behavior/disappointment from your spouse
We can 'choose' all we want, but it ain't gonna happen! :P

47. Thank your spouse often even for the least reason or gesture
That's right. Its also good manners. 

48. Lay in bed together and stare into each other eyes, without talking
You are kidding right? I'd rather get to me long to-do-list which I never finish

49. Learn something new together-take an art class, cooking lessons, etc
Its fun to do activities together. 

50. Leave a sweet comment on the Facebook wall
For the love of God, DON'T! Once in a while (read: max. twice a year), go for it. Anything more: Please Stop!

51. Support each other’s goals
Damn right!

52. Bring her flowers/gifts (even when she says they are too expensive)
In my case, my husband knows I am not a big fan of flowers. They die. And I prefer to buy my own gifts. 

53. Wear something your spouse loves
Sure. If you feel good in it as well. 

54. Share furniture - sit in his lap
Just make sure you weight less than him!

55. Fight for your marriage
... with whom?

56. Make a point to eat dinner together most days of the week.
We prefer to eat breakfast and desserts together. 

57. Never let your spouse feel like they come second place to your career or any other thing.
Hopefully both of you would be mature enough to realize that on different days, everyone has different priorities. 

58. Talk about your dreams and aspirations. Be supportive of each other and dream big together!
Shut the F'Up! Be yourself and talk whatever the heck you want to. 

59. Maintain a united front as your motto: Meaning- “Me and you against the world."
... and what if the world is not against us? :P

60. Speak well of your spouse.
How about don't speak ill of your spouse, or anyone else. Period?

Personally, I think this list might be the reason why my marriage becomes rocky, instead of rocking. But then that's just me. I am weird ... Should we move on to the outfit then?

Cardigan - GAP [12']
Tee - GAP [11']
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Necklace - c/o Shop Jami [13']
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On my eyes - Hashmi Kajal 
On my lips - Cardinal Plume (178) via L'Oréal



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