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Shopping Ban Link Up + Five Ways to Wear Purple Glitter Flats

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I got these flats from ALDO when I was in India in 2011 and have worn them to death in the last 2 years. They are often the easiest way to liven-any-outfit up. I guess I won't be parting with them anytime soon. 

On to the shopping ban: I have been six weeks into the shopping ban and I am realizing that I have developed balanced shopping habits and do not get tempted to buy anything just because it is on SALE or because I want it (for no rhyme or reason). In the last couple of years I have shopped mostly for workout clothes/shoes and other statement/investment pieces which will stay with me as long as my size doesn't change. There have not been any impulsive/impractical purchases. I am starting to think may me I don't even need the shopping ban, simply because it is not challenging enough. But I am not throwing in the towel just yet. Let's see if my thoughts change, after a few more weeks. 

If you have been on the ban and would like to share your thoughts, please do in the comments below and if you are a blogger and have posted about the ban in last two week, feel free to leave a link below: 

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  1. Congrats on balancing your shopping habits. I think you are on the right path shopping for investment/statement pieces - they usually stay with us a lifetime;)

  2. Loved the look 2, the dress and necklaces just go so well together!
    I'm on the ban, but I doubt if its going to stay that way for long!!! Might stay if some of shopping can be classified as Birthday presents;-)

  3. Awesome outfits! So beutiful:)

  4. Yes, I am loving every bit of the shopping ban! In fact I no longer feel the need to shop just for the sake of it. Thank you for introducing me to this. I never really thought that I could do it. But here I am, one month and few days down. :)

  5. Love me some glitter, infact I'm pretty sure I'd wear those flats all the time! Glad the shopping ban is going well love. It must be difficult. Admittedly, I've not bought myself anything for ages, and have been purely focused on little bubs things! Oh man, it can be so over whelming, who knew something so teeny tiny could require so much stuff! Hope you're well sweetpea!

  6. Shopping ban not challenging enough? Now that is indeed a sign of a balanced, non-crazy shopaholic! That's a good thing! But either way, you inspired a lot of people to start this for themselves so kudos for that! :)



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