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Repeat Offender

In India  a lot of people use the analogy, "ek haath se taali nahin baj ti" (translation: You can't clap with one hand) to explain how if there is an issue then both (or all) the parties are equally to blame. However, I was thinking the other day that how it is a totally bullshit flawed analogy, as one person is absolutely capable of clapping by themselves (as long has he/she can use both his/her hands) aka meaning one single party can be solely responsible for the issue/problem. So that analogy is kinda rigged. Don't you think? At least, I do!

Well, anyhoo ... as for the outfit ... I totally copied it from here
Hawwww? I know, right. Scroll down to read the dirt!

Blazer - Urban Ooutfitters [12']
Tank - ASOS [10']
Skirt - Zara [10']
Shoes - ALDO [11']
Tights - Hue [10']
Necklace - From Delhi [11']
Ring - Crazy & Co. [12']

On my lips - Certainly Red (740) via REVLON
On my eyes - master drama by Maybelline

This is what I do. On days when I am running short of time or lacking inspiration. I dig in to my blog archives and create an outfit ALL OVER AGAIN and simply edit the finishing touches. One of the many pros of having an outfit archive which runs as far along as 2010! ...And it is a great way to survive a 4 months long shopping ban as well.
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