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How To Pick Hair Styles With Different Outfits

One might accuse me of a lot of things, but being non-experimental is definitely not one of them. I see each day as an opportunity to reinvent myself and be someone new (should I wish to!)Over the years I have learnt that experimenting with personal style means not being afraid of being a fashion disaster in public. My logic is that worse-to-worse, I will get it wrong. Big deal, it is much better than being boring and stuck in a rut-of-style. 

Same rules apply to hairstyles. I believe hairstyles and outfits go hand-in-hand. A look cannot be complete without either. Depending upon the outfit (venue, weather, face shape and make up would be the other criterias) one should pick the hairstyle. 

First pick your outfit, depending upon the occasion, weather, and dress code. Once you have that laid out, decide your hairstyle. 
  • If your outfit is voluminous e.g. has ruffles, then pick a sleek hair-do like a chignon or a side braid. 
  • If you will be wearing high neck or a collar jacket, go for a classic ponytail or a high-bun. 
  • If you are going for a casual-every-day look you can go for soft waves, or straight hair. 
  • If the neckline is low or the dress is bare-shoulders, then you can let your hair loose with soft curls, half-and-half or a low bun. 

The hairstyle needs to complement the over all look. It is easy to get stuck in one hairstyle because we believe it is safe and works for us. But it also makes you look the same on all occassions. The first thing anyone notices before the outfit is your face, and hairstyle is definitely part of that first impression. 

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