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How to dress for work? ... à la Tanvi

Simple, Clean & Professional, 
is how I would describe my professional wardrobe. 

A lot of you have requested 'Work/Office Wear' posts in the past but since my work life doesn't involve dressing up in office wear I couldn't oblige. However, a couple of weeks back I had an opportunity to dress up professionally, and since there is no photographer available (aka husband) during the day I made do with the good-old selfies with the phone camera and mirror. 

Two most important things, for me in office wear, are: 
  • Comfort &
  • Fit 
Stark opposite to my casual style, I like darker shades (blue, black, grey) and straight lines and prefer to add color only in small doses. When dressing for work, I mean all business. I do not want to be distracted by my clothes, hair or accessories. Instead I want them to come together to convey a clean and professional image. 

My Office Wear Staples Include:
  1. At least TWO well fitted suits (Black & Brown)
  2. Pencil Skirts 
  3. Button Down Shirts & Blouses (26 min., one for each working day in the month)
  4. Trousers
  5. Stockings
  6. At least TWO pairs of smart AND comfortable shoes

What are your office wear staples?

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