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Casual Work Attire

You know what I like? (how would you, if I don’t tell!) … I like when I find stylish, chic women on-the-go, completely unaware of how they are looking. Being surrounded by blogs and bloggers for several years now, I have become used to analyzing fashion and style. Up until 2009 I never really thought about why I was wearing, what I was wearing. I liked it, and thats why I wore it. That is SO not the case any more (and I am not really glad about that. One more reason to step away from the blogs!).

But I've realized that the most charming thing about stylish people is that they are completely unaware of their charm. It could be their way of stacking rings, layering necklaces, tucking their t-shirt in their jeans or a messy hair-do. Basically their unique spin on their look. That’s what the most Pinterest boards are filled with, isn't it? – The nonchalant style – which is unattainable ... Simply because being stylish was never the aim in the first place. * sigh! * the luxury of ignorance!

Oh well, as for my outfit, it is my spin on casual work attire! 

Shirt - Banana Republic [10']
Jeans - Miss Sixty [08']
Blazer - ASOS [13']
Shoes - Miss Little Fire [06']
Pendant - c/o Shop Jami [12']

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On my eyes - Hashmi Kajal

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