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Burnt Orange

I swear I always tell myself I won't talk about the weather on the blog again, but then its the highlight of my day and I cannot NOT share the highlights with y'all! So this outfit and today's outfit was from the weekend and you can check on my Instagram feed what I have been wearing for last 2 days. Its insane. How does temperature go from 95 F on one day to 28 F the next? 

Anyhoo, this is one of the many Sunday outfits documented on the blog. Just FYI the bag matching the shirt was not intentional at all. I am a big-bag-girl. I use small bags/clutches/clings only when I know I am going for just one specific activity. If I am going to be out all day then I need a big-ass-bag. As you know, from here that I carry my world in it. 

Shirt - Forever 21 [11']
Jeans - Miss 60 [09']
Footwear - ALDO [12']
Necklace - INPINK [12']
Earrings - Gift from Sakshi [11']
Bag - Hand me down from Richa [13']

On my eyes - master drama via Maybelline, INIMITABLE Mascara (10) via CHANEL & Hashmi Kajal
On my lips - On my lips - vixen seductrice (820) via blastflipstick from COVERGIRL

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