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Are you 'over' it?

I had asked this question on Facebook, a few days back, and I am glad to hear that most people are not 'over' fashion blogs just yet. [Else I wouldn't know what to do with all my outfit ideas ;)]. Everyone who shared their views, gave me food for thought. Thank you for that! 

Although personally, I am over 'most' fashion blogs. It is for the first time since I started blogging myself, that days go by and I forget to check my bloglovin' feed for new posts. And even when I do, I only check a handful of them, mainly due to two reasons: A) Because my leisure time is getting limited by every passing second, B) They kinda seem boring and monotonous to me. I haven't figured out what it is that I am looking for from other bloggers. All I know is that it is not nourishing my imagination and creativity as it used to. I sure do hope that that changes soon. Its no fun this way. 

As for the outfit, I actually wore this to work, with a black cardigan and not-that-high heels and then later transformed the outfit for evening wear. Minus the cardigan and plus the metallic heels. Voila! Magic, no? (:

Top - c/o Oasap [13']
Pants - GAP [10']
Shoes - ALDO [11']
Bangle - From a local store in San Antonio [09']
Rings - INPINK & Givenchy [12']

On my eyes - master drama by Maybelline
On my lips - Cherry on Top (50) Color Whisper via Mayebilline

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