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Shopping Ban Link Up + Five Ways To Wear Polka Dot Skirt

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This polka dot skirt is a SALE purchase from 2010. I picked up on my trip to Vegas back then. It has been my trustworthy wardrobe essential I cannot do without now. It can easily be style from casual to formal, from day to evening outfit. I do not think I would ever part from it. My cute little skirt! 

Moving on to the shopping ban, I apologize for NO SHOW last saturday. I had friends over last weekend, and blogging kinda look a back-seat. But I am here today, and we can start sharing the links below, to the posts regarding the ban from the last 2 weeks: 

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  1. I love this skirt of yours too!! :))

    And yay! I'm in the last leg of my shopping ban! And I still can't believe I actually DID NOT buy anything at all this month! In fact, nowadays, I don't even feel interested in checking out any new stuff online or in stores! :P

  2. It's quite difficoult when you are walking and pretty spring thing jump at you! But it wouldn't even be possible to wear them with this rain and cold!

  3. Out of the five, I like the outfit in #4.... very cool and comfy :-)

  4. I've realized that since I've unsubscribed to all the online shopping mailers, I've become a lot less greedy!!! I'm planning a movie and mall visit this weekend, hope I can control myself then!

  5. I like all the pairs.And I like #3 most because it's beyond my thinking that a skirt can be wear as top.
    Denim Jeans

  6. Hi Tanvii,
    How is your shopping ban going on... I have been thinking about it but get withdrawal symptoms ans end up shopping more:)


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