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Neon in Winters

I am kinda great with crisis management situations. For one, the crisis seems to never leave my side. Life has somewhat become a crisis-solving-mission, as something or the other is constantly 'malfunctioning'. It could be health, car, home, work, gadgets, or a relationship. I am mentally and emotionally tuned in to deal with them head on. I might stress over it once a new crisis surfaces, but eventually I have a mental-plan and it goes something like this: access the crisis, put a priority number on it, deal with one crisis at a time OR delegate to the appropriate party (person) and move to the next crisis. So far this plan works to the 'T'. 

My real problem lies when there is no crisis, I do not know how to deal with THAT situation. Even worse, if it is the time to celebrate or let loose. I am completely lost then. Often when there is a good news, or a reason to celebrate, people around me are cheering, and jumping and congratulating me (if its something concerning myself) and I stand there dumb-folded, unsure of how to react. Any "good news" or a positive turn of life, takes its sweet time to seep into my conscious mind. By the time I get to the part where I AM ready to jump and celebrate, everyone else is already over it, and I am the single-woman-standing. Apparently, a classic case of too-little-too-late. Makes me wonder when did I become THIS cynical?

Tunic - GAP [12'] Click here, to see how I wore this tunic as a dress!
Top - Target [13']
Shoes - Tory Burch [10']
Rings - Here & There 
Clutch - Crazy & Co. [12']
Earrings - Crazy & Co. [13']
Cuff - Crazy & Co. [12']

On my eyes - Smoky Crayon via REVLON and Bag Gal Eyeliner via Benefit
On my lips - Rouge á Lévres Lasting Finish By Kate via RIMMEL LONDON 

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