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Before moving to the U.S. I do not think I ever shopped online. In fact besides surfing the web and making travel arrangements, I didn't really use the internet much at all. 

I distinctly remember that in the first year of marriage we used to visit Blockbuster (DVD rental storeevery second day and browse through the aisles, spending hours to find the best possible movies in-store. Back then we used to get through 3-4 movies per day (I KNOW, PER DAY!!!), i.e. making it harder to find good movies to watch every other day! I think we saw over 1000 movies that year, and not to mention the TV shows. Then one day, that Blockbuster store decided to shut down and I was forced to take my business else where, i.e. to an online store. That was the beginning of my numerous expenses via the infamous Internet. 

And today I find myself 'googling' online furniture deals to even detergent deals [I exaggerate!]. The process goes something like this: browser shopping (as opposed to window shopping) -> looking for discount coupons and/or sales -> saving it in the cart -> thinking about it for several hours -> hitting the BUY button! The luxury of shopping from my own living room, has made me extremely lazy. I can actually count on my fingers the number of times, I made a trip to the mall last year. And I didn't even get through all my fingers. Imagine! I think the ban should save me a lot of time. Surfing the internet is so addictive, specially since its never-ending! 

Shirt - via Richa [13'] Place your order here
Jeans - Miss Sixty [08']
Shoes - ALDO [10']
Earrings & Ring - INPINK [12']
Shades - Ray Ban [10']

On my lips - Raspberry Bite via Revlon
On my eyes - 95 Sparkling Satins, Quadra Eye Shadow via Chanel, Smoky Crayon via Revlon and Hashmi Kajal

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