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New Year without Resolutions

I haven't made New Year Resolutions in the longest time. Somewhere down the road I stopped making year-long-goals and started making life-long-goals. And for the later, waiting for a new year, isn't wise. You need to start the moment you realize you need change. After all, kal ho na ho (translation: there might or might not be a tomorrow) *cliche.but.true*. But a new year seems like a good reason to reflect back and enforce them, stronger! 

My goals remain the same; to: 
Sleep early. Eat Healthy. Exercise. Travel, often. Try new activities. Overcome fears. Be patient. Talk less. Listen more. Live in the present. Don't compare. Don't complain. Don't explain. Be generous. Work smart. Shop less. Save more. Be green. Be thankful. Be Me (myself)
Amen! ;)

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Happy New Year, everyone!


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