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My 10 Years of Hair Transformation

This post has been in my drafts for over a year and then last night I decided - That's it - I am going to do this (i.e. embrace my last 10 years of changes ... not just 'hair'-wise but that's for another time). Until my early 20's I didn't experiment with my hair much. Well, except that one year when I decided to get a perm. Yes! Ladies & Gentlemen. THAT happened! But mostly, as far as I can remember I had always had shoulder length hair (more or less) until the year 2000. 

In 2001 and 2002 I saw two movies, more specifically two songs (this & this, respectively) which made me wanna make my hair grow long ... like REALLY LONG. And it took me about a year to grow them out (I know, I am lucky that way!) and by mid-2003 my hair was reaching till my waist. Mission Accomplished! Proof above.

By the end of 2003 I had moved to London, and was struggling to maintain my insanely long hair. I wash my hair everyday. I have been doing it since childhood, and I cannot survive without it. No-Matter-What! So going to work, and washing and drying my hair everyday was getting a bit hard. So one day at work (I know, I was surfing at work. SHOCKING!) I started searching for a good hairdresser, whom I could trust with my hair. I found an upscale salon, walking distance from my work, in South Kensington and made an appointment. The plan was to just get a trim or may be chop of a few inches and get a hair cut which was manageable for everyday wash and dry. I don't know how, but the hairdresser (a super cute guy btw, whose name I cannot remember to save my life right now) convinced me to chop-off like 15 inches of my hair. He started with about 6 inches, and then kept asking me if I wanted to go shorter and I don't know why but I kept agreeing with him ... And that's how I got hooked ... To what? ... To growing out my hair and then chopping them off real short. It has officially become one of the weird-personal-agendas that I have. 

So far, I have grown and chopped off my tresses thrice in last 10 years. At some point in my life I even wish to give the 'pixie cut' a try and may be even completely shave my head. But for that first I would have to really lean out. Body fat and short hair, are two things that just don't go together. Anyhoo, I do not have an extensive hair maintenance routine. I try and follow this simple regime: 

  1. Apply oil once a week 
  2. Deep Condition once a month
  3. Use hair serum to detangle, before combing
  4. Do not use hair dryer/straightener frequently
  5. Get a hair cut/trim every 8-10 weeks

How about you? Do you experiment with you hair?


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