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How to pick shoes for different outfits?

This post has been in my drafts for way too long. Long time ago, one of the reader's had asked me to do a post on 'how do you decide what shoes to wear with which outfit" and I thought to myself, I have never really thought about it but it would be a great post to do, but didn't get around writing it, until today.

As long as my shoe choices go, most time my motto is "Go Big, or Go home!" Don't be afraid to experiment. Like I always says, if you get it wrong, big woop! You will get it right the next time, at least you've tried something new. Try bold colors, as they attract attention without being in-your-face.

N.B. You can click on the picture to see the respective outfit posts. 
Contrast - 
A single color dress is like a blank canvas. You can pair it with any contrasting color. Picking the right color comes with practice but its not hard to catch on. I matched my lipstick to the shoes to pull the look together. 

The safest choice: pick a similar hued shoe. You can hardly ever go wrong. Notice how this dress has about 4 colors and I played with two of them. Matched my sunglasses and bag to the blue, but matched the shoes to another color. Blue shoes would have been a bit much since the bag itself grabs a lot of attention.

Sometimes a shocking color is probably not appropriate for the day look. Pick tan for those times, match it with same color accessories (belt in this case) to pull the look together.

They are the new black (in my book). One can wear them with any color, any occasion. They do not really match anything else in my outfit, yet blend it well. Nude pumps would have looked fine too, but the metallics add a little edge. 

Go Bright
Pick a shocking contrast to liven the look. Indigo blue is my color of preference for such outfits, most times. Notice how I matched the shoes with my eye shadow, bag and bracelet, to pull the look together. 
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