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4 Years Old & Liverpool Jeans Giveaway

Today, 4 years ago I wrote my first post. To me, four years doesn't seem like a long time. At least not long enough to introspect and/or celebrate. May be I will do that once we complete 5 years. [I like everything in multiples of 5. Don't know why!] However, can I let you you in on a little secret? I am losing my enthusiasm for blogging a tad-bit. May be because I have a lot going on in my non-virtual life or may be because its got a bit monotonous. Nonetheless, I cannot deny that I have had thoughts of quitting it lately [that was last week]. Then I realized that I shall complete 4 years soon, i.e. today!, so might as well hang around for a while longer. Let's see where we go from here ... 

But right now I would like to thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for reading, loving and supporting my blog. To mark this day I am hosting a Giveaway in collaboration with Liverpool Jeans Company.  

I have previously featured a Pinot Noir pair of denims from Liverpool Jeans Company and today I am wearing another pair they had sent me in the color plum. As I had mentioned the previous time I truly love their fit and fabric. The soft sateen finish in stretch, makes the jeans extremely comfortable. If you are looking for high waist denims in fabulous colors you must check out their collection here. However, to celebrate Tanvii.com's 4th Birthday or Blogiversary [or whatever. Basically you are getting free stuff ;)] Liverpool Jeans Company is giving away a pair of colored denims to one of the readers. Here's what you have to do -

Entry Requirements:

Extra Entry:

Leave a comment below, letting me know you have fulfilled all the requirements. Comments have been enabled for this post onlyWinner will be picked via random.org. Giveaway ends on 11th January 2013.


Tee - GAP [11']
Cardigan - ASOS [10']
Wrap Cardigan - Oasap [12']
Jeans - c/o Liverpool Jeans Company [12']
Boots - Zara [06']
Necklace - Gift from Heli [12']
Rings - INPINK & Crazy & Co. [12']

On my lips - Lady Danger via MAC
On my eyes - master drama by Maybelline



  1. You look amazing lady and please don't quit blogging..Congratulations on completing four years.Have a great year ahead !!!

    P.S. Have fulfilled the requirements for the giveaway. :)

  2. Hey Tanvii
    As you already know ,Im a die- hard fan of yours and I enjoy reading your posts ....Many times i get inspired by your look and thoughts ..
    So when i read you are thinking of quitting in twitter ,I really really felt bad ...But then i thought abt it rest of the day and I felt u should do whtever keeps u happy and Im glad atleast i know you through Blogs but i can always keep in touch through many ways ....
    Congragulations on completing 4 years ....keep going ..
    I have entered the give-away
    Followed Liver pool in FB & pininterst and left a comment in FB as well .
    I already follow u in FB and Pininterest ...
    I have never won a giveaway ...hope i win this one ..hehehe :)
    Luv ya gal ..

  3. Congrats on 4 years! That's an incredible feat, and good luck in the future :)
    I fulfilled the fb likes and comment requirement here:
    and for the Extra Entry, I followed both users on pinterest!
    My username is ralee101 (Rachel Hager)!

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  4. done all the requirements!!!!!

  5. Congrats on the blogiversary! I wonder if i'd be able to come as far as you on my four year mark!
    (I've followed both you and Liverpool jeans through FB and left them a comment)
    (ps. you look lovely)

    Love, Shushu

  6. Congratulations again! Followed all 4 requirements :)


  7. whoa! Comments open:-) Congrats on 4 years of fabulousness and 'in'famy!!!:-) Love these jeans- have an exact pair!! You look gorgeous!

  8. Congrats on the wonderful 4 years.

    Completed the entry requirements :)

  9. i loveee ur blog :D and congrats for completing 4 yrs :)
    and i loved ur jeans! :)

  10. Hey listen.. I like you smiling woman! So let me try and turn that upside down thing around...
    Lots of virtual love coming your way.. and many congratulations on the milestone 4. :D

  11. Happy Happy 4th Birthday to the blog.
    Filled the form and followed on Pinterest too :D

  12. Heartiest Congratulations Tanvii.
    i have fulfilled all the requirements/
    Thank you. (:

  13. You should definitely follow your heart. Whatever keeps you happy.. Loved your blog so far :) Good Luck!

  14. Done :)

    Please don't quit Tanvi..you are an inspiration for many :)

  15. Congrats on the bloganniversary :D !!

    PS - all entries done ;)

  16. Congrats! Having recently completed 5 years of blogging, I can understand your stagnancy yet joy. Hope you continue blogging.

    For the contest, have been following you for quite a while now and have just followed Liverpool by the name Sneha Sharma. On Pinterest, you would find me as The Flirting Kaapi.

    Have fun and cheers,

  17. Wow! Congrats for completing 4 years Tanvi. Really happy for you. And please don't think about quitting because I don't want to lose an inspiration.
    Love Lots,


    P.S. Have fulfilled all requirements and this time around hoping that this one is an international Giveaway. :)

  18. Congratulations for 4 glorious years :)

    Fulfilled all requirements for this lovely giveaway.

  19. Please contact me at shwetatrivedi2007@gmail.com, if I get lucky.

  20. Hi, congrats for completing 4 years !! I have fulfilled all the requirements along with following Liverpool Jeans on Pinterest (was already following you on fb and pinterest).
    My FB username is : Shraddha Sahrawat
    Email Id: shraddha238@gmail.com
    (in case I win..!!)
    P.S : Its the first time Im participating in any giveaways)

  21. How exciting to complete 4 years!

    Followed all steps
    Fb : Roxanne Kimberely
    Pinterest : Roxanne D'souza

  22. I filled too excitedly!

    I miss comments on this blog! And time just flies. I'm so glad I reached here when I did :)

  23. I generally don't comment here(Unless I'm getting free stuff :D),But I've been following your blog for a while now...would suck if you left!
    Completed the steps..was already following on fb from before.
    fb- Shreya Jhunjhunwala

  24. Filled the form and followed on pinterest :)
    User Id on Pinterest PriyankaSingh25
    looking forward to more interesting posts from u, don't just quit :)

  25. Hi Tanvi! Congratulations on completing 4 years and all the best for many more to come :) I love your outfit posts!
    Completed all the 5 requirements.
    Email: 703jyoti@gmail.com
    FB: Jyoti Mehra

  26. Congrats on completing 4 years.I like your style and you look elegant in sarees.:)
    FB profile link: https://www.facebook.com/kavya.seetala?ref=tn_tnmn

    Kavya Seetala.

  27. Happy 4th Birthday to the blog.:)

    Filled the form and followed on Pinterest too. :)

  28. Congrats on transitioning from being a toddler to becoming a young child :-))
    Great job all these year---keep it up!

  29. I've fulfilled all the requirements!

  30. congrts on 4 years..

    name-iswarya laxmi

    filled the form
    liked both pages on fb - iswarya laxmi
    following both the pages on pininterest-iswarya91


  31. Congrats on fourth bloganiversary Tanvi :)
    I have fulfilled all the requiremens for the giveaway (well I was anyways following you on FB and pinterest!!).

    Please please don't stop blogging...yours is the only blog which I check everyday in the hope of a new post...I love them all!!

    FB & pinterest profile is in the name of Anuya Gogte.

    P.S. This is my first giveaway so fingers crossed ;)

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  34. CONGRATULATIONS on the Blogiversary girl!!! :))
    Don't think we can live without this blog...though of course, it's your baby, and you should always follow your heart...
    [And we'll always get to see your fabulous photos on FB, I hope!]

    Anyways....I was not much of a giveaway-winner ever. Until I won the C&Co. giveaway that is. :)
    So, might as well try out this time too!

    Filled in the form and all....but sorry, am not on Pinterest! Hope that doesn't reduce my chances! *fingers crossed*

  35. My wish from months has finally come true, commenting on tanvii.com via Blogger :D Woop! :D
    Hope you remember me, its Namitha Kashyap here :D *meek hi!* Forever stalking you and being inspired :)

    DON'T EVEN FRIGGIN' THINK OF QUITTING BLOGGING :o Your blog is my escape land! Every time I feel down and low, I come here and feel good :o Please please don't :o

    Congratulations on the years spent here, making world a better place :D :)

    About the giveaway, I have entered all entries :) Liverpool ones being new!
    Hope I win :D
    *fingers crossed*



  36. heyyy, congratulations on completing 4 years :) its been amazing reading ur blogs... though i have been following u only for over a year now. u shd not quit sweetie, i am sure ur fans are going to miss u a lot more. blog when u r in mood but do not quit plz.
    i have entered the contest and filled in the form, done with all the requirements.
    fingers crossed. xx
    congrats once again,

  37. I've completed all of the requirements, I hope to win the Abby Skinny in green, such a fab color!!

  38. I completed all of the requirements and followed you both on PInterest. :)


  39. Wow! Love the simplicity of this look! This sweater looks just sooo cozy)))

  40. You are very pretty! Would love to see a pic of you with a big smile. :)Going to enter the giveaway right away!

    Good luck for 2013!

    PrettyGloss - makeup, beauty & a lil gibberish

  41. Hey! I've completed all the requirements.
    I hope this one comes to me!
    Take care!

  42. What a lovely and original cardigan. You look fantastic.

  43. i simply adore you tanvi! ur amazing! congratulations on completing fabulous four yrs... i have entered the giveaway.. completed all requirements..

    pallabi chatterjee

  44. Have done it all!
    Congratulations again on your 4th blog anniversary!
    Fingers crossed on the giveaway!

  45. Hey, Tanvi! A big big congratulations on completing four years! Glad to see you back on the blog. :D

  46. Congrats on the 4th year! also, done all the requirements including the extra. :)

  47. Love the wrap cardigan and the colored denims.

  48. Hi Tanvii,a very hearty Congratulations on completing 4 years!!
    Have completed all requirements for the giveaway.

  49. Congrats for your sweet 4!!!

    Completed everything:
    FB: Szabina Luzics

    sparkly thanks!!!!

  50. Thank you all for the kind words and also for participating in the Giveaway.

    This Giveaway is closed now. The winner is Shubana Koss.

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