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Well! Hello lover! ;)

... you know how I mind my own business at all times? Like I am the most-least-curious-person evah! I do not need to know anything about any one. I do not interfere in others' lives. All my focus is on making my life and myself better. In every possible way!

Anyhoo, so I am realizing the side-effects of minding-my-own-business. It leads to not-caring ... not necessarily a good or a bad thing but absolutely inevitable. You cannot care 'enough' if you are trying to mind your own business.

And, we all know 'not caring' is the first step towards _ _ _ (fill in the blanks!) HINT

Tunic - COS [10']
Leggings - UO [12']
Boots - c/o DMSX via Donand J. Pliner [12']
Cuff - AX [08']
Necklace - Crazy & Co. [12']
Ring - Haati Chai [12']

On my lips - Gulabi via MAC 
On my eyes - 95 Sparkling Satins (Quadra Eye Shadow) via Chanel
On my nails - Teddy via Dare To Wear 


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