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Success is a mirage!

Yesterday, Dr. Fab and I were having a conversation on success. Although once I have spoken to someone about my thoughts, I do not have the motivation to write about it, but this time I want to pen-in-down for my own records. 

So I have come to believe that 'success' is a mirage, an illusion which doesn't actually exist. For if you are truly on a quest to be your best, you would never 'label' any stage of your life as 'success'. I, personally, am a lifelong-work-in-progress.  What someone defines as your success can often reflect their own aspiration and/or dream. For you it might not mean as much it would to the spectator of your life. And as Dr. Fab put it more concisely, it is in fact someone else's perception of your life (and its stages!). Thoughts?  

If I look tired and exhausted in the pictures below, then that is only because I am was!

Tunic - Gift from Mom [12'] Similar

Pants - GAP [12'] Similar
Shoes - From Amritsar [11']
Necklace & Ring - Crazy & Co. [12']
Watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs [12'] 

On my lips - Mehr via MAC 
On my eyes - Hashmi Kajal & Chanel Inimitable Mascara

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