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Fashion & Me

I had never set out to become a fashion blogger. Or even a blogger. Things just happened and here we are almost 4 years later. But still, when someone associates me with fashion I always think to myself, "Who? Me?" because I relate, what I see in the magazines or what other people wear, as fashion. However, as far as I am concerned I think of myself as an average person who dresses, sometimes conservatively ... sometimes provocatively (seldom!) ... sometimes rebelliously ... and sometimes lazily. Nothing particularly fashionable about it.  

Although, one thing is standard along most of my life's likes/choices/decisions. I wish to be different. Different from the herd mentality. Different enough to be able to think for myself and make my own decisions. Just because everyone is wearing/buying/loving something, I won't necessarily chime in, unless I happen to agree. But the rebel in me will definitely find my own take even to the most common trend. Hence, I was not the blingy-red-bridezilla or the gaudy-golden-sister (at my brother's wedding). I was me, aka different.  

Clearly, I have my opinions and a way of thinking about everything in life and that covers my sense of dressing as well. It is never to be 'in trend' or against it. It is simply a random amalgamation of various pieces from my closet. Nothing more. Nothing less. Till date I am amused by how people spend versus what they (might) save. To dress, in order to represent your status or your position in society is beyond my understanding. Apparently purchasing a branded bag or the 'it' jacket, or a pair of Jeffery Campbell Litas comes before paying their rent for many girls right now. When did saving go out of fashion?!?? Who is richer - the person who charged a $1000 handbag to their credit card (to be paid in installments) or the person who has $1000 in their savings account (earning yearly interest)?!?? -> You, tell me!

I was recently sent two pairs of denims in these beautiful fall colors by Liverpool Jeans Company. Usually I am wary to jeans which I haven't tried before, but surprisingly these fit me to the 'T'. I love the soft fabric, its fit and the color. Cannot wait to style them over-and-over again in the coming weeks. Checkout their website and follow them on Facebook to win a free pair every week. 

Blazer - UO [12'] Similar
Blouse - Zara [10'] Similar
Jeans - c/o Liverpool Jeans Company [12']
Shoes - Nine West via TJ Maxx [11'] Similar
Pendant - Kensie via macy's [12']
Bracelet - Stella & Dot [12']
Ring - Crazy & Co. [12']

On my eyes - 'BAD Gal' eyeliner by Benefit
On my lips - Mix of two shades: annatto clay by Aveda & Air Kiss by N.Y.C.

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