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Scalloped, Saree, Diwali, San Antonio

Yesterday, Crazy & Co. participated at the San Antonio Diwali Mela, that I had mentioned about last week. The turn out was phenomenal with over 10,000 people. Juli├ín Castro, the current Mayor of San Antonio, Texas even tweeted about enjoying the Diwali celebrations. While I could not enjoy all the program and performances that they had organized (since I was busy with the stall), I still had a blast just being amid the hustle and bustle. You can check out the pictures from the evening here, in case you are interested.

... and of course, I wore a Saree yesterday. How could I not? :)

Saree - Howrah Bridge [12'] Available here 
Necklace - Coming soon on Crazy & Co. [12']
Bangles & Rings - Here & There [11'-12']
Ear piece - Haati Chai [12']

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