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First time, this year ...

It was not until yesterday that I realized that I hadn't worn my favorite red jean this WHOLE year. How insane is that? I don't know how I let that happen. Be prepared to see them on the blog for next several weeks. I kid. May be. I don't know. We'll see. Anyhoo, this is how I have styled them in the past, incase you are interested. May be? I don't know. We'll see. LOL

Tee - GAP [12'] Similar
Jeans - Zara [10'] Similar
Shrug - Gift from my brother [10']
Shoes - Gift from my Husband [10'] Similar
Necklace - Grey Estelle Necklace c/o jami [12']
Bracelets - Here & There 

On my eyes - master drama by Maybelline & 'Bad Gal' eyeliner by benefit
On my lips - Mix of two shades Mehr by MAC & Air Kiss by N.Y.C.
On my nails -  she's pampered + beyond cozy c/o essie

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