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I have stayed with my friend Khushbu the last two times I have visited New York. Being childhood friends we both can attest to how we have changed since old days, which always makes for interesting conversation. During many such discussions conversations with her I realized she has this unique quality to disagree and yet hold-her-ground without sounding defensive or attacking the person on the opposite side. I have not met anyone who can do that, except her. It's been more than 2 months since I returned from New York, but I still often ponder over our many such conversations and get amazed *silent.nod.of.admiration* at this unique quality of hers where she is sincere, stands by her opinion without disregarding or disparaging the other person. A new personal goal for 2013.   

Bracelet Cross Pendant - Crazy & Co. [12']
Envelope Pendant - Gift from Husband [10']
Ring - Charming Charlie [10'] Similar
Tank - ASOS [10'] Similar
Skirt - Zara [10'] Similar
Blazer - UO [12'] Similar
Boots - c/o DMSX via Donand J. Pliner [12']
Watch - c/o Bulova [12']

On my lips - Certainly Red c/o Revlon
On my eyes - 'Bad Gal' eyeliner by benefit
On my nails - 'where's my chauffer' c/o essie

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