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Basic Necessity

We did not have access to internet for one full day and life came to a stand still. Now don't be too quick to judge me on my dependence on the web. I can do without technology for as long as I like, provided I have time to plan and finish all my work. You see, unlike back home (India and other asian countries) everything from paying your bills, to shopping, to even grocery (sometimes) is done via the Internet. So one day without it meant you cannot do anything. Well, anything important at least -> No work. No surfing. No blogging. Hence, no posts for the last two days. And to make it worse, the 3G on my phone wasn't on my side either. Anyhoo, we are back in business now ...

Today's outfit is my entry for the "Coast to Coast Cool" contest by C&C California. I absolutely love this dress that they have sent me. I have been lusting leather for a while now, and this is a perfect faux piece which is soft, light and extremely comfortable. I styled it for a date night look for some wine & dine. 

P.S. Later I realized that about 3 years back, I had worn the exact same color combination but in the reverse order. Hmmmm the perils of outfit blogging: there will always be evidence of what you once wore!

Dress - c/o C&C California [12']
Tights - Vintage store in London [08']
Shoes - Dolce Vita [10']
Neck wrap - Local store in Sterling, Scotland [10']
Earrings - Crazy & Co. [12']
Hand piece - Haati Chai [12']

On my nails - Leading Lady c/o Essie 
On my lips - Mix of two shades: annatto clay by Aveda & Air Kiss by N.Y.C.
On my eyes - Bleu Électrique (Kohl) by Lancôme

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