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As I grow up I realize that I appreciate different things in people than I did, say a decade ago. Lately the quality that I am drawn towards in people is - Reliability.

I like people who stand by their promise/commitment no matter what. After all you are as good as your word. And just in case if they are not able to then, they inform you about the change in plans beforehand. If I cannot rely on you, then I am afraid I cannot really respect you. And unfortunately, there are too many of 'those' people around, i.e. the ones I don't respect

I think one of the reason for that is that a lot of people have trouble saying "No". Only if they knew how much easier THAT would be instead of the disappointment and frustration that they bestow upon others, once they are unreliable that is. 

Personally I consider myself reliable, specially because I hate letting down people. But that also means that everyone who isn't I find them a little selfish and inconsiderate. They weren't raised to take accountability. They believe someone will come in and do their work anyways. Internet is the worse in this scenario, as you never have to come face-to-face with anyone and its easy to be at disposal and be ignored. I guess that's why they say - If you need something done (right), do it yourself. Phew! And as always, #Somebodyhastosayit and I did!

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