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His & Hers Style Diaries - October

I have been married for over 5 years now but I still don't really 'feel' married. May be I just do not know how 'married' feels like, but what I do know is that I usually do not relate to the stories of other married couples from back home. We are just not one of 'those' couples, if you catch my drift

However, I was able to narrow down on three incidences which make me realize that I am not 'single' in any more: 

  1. Every time someone asks me about my plans of having a baby. O. boy does that make me furious or does that make me furious. I have learnt to dodge the bullet by either ignoring, changing the subject or by simply leaving the room (if possible!). If you are an Indian or are even aware of the social dynamics, answering back to people is almost like shooting yourself in the head and YET being alive to feel the pain. But what takes the cake is when absolutely random old lady at the bank here, feels it is absolutely alright to ask me when I plan to have a baby. As of course, after 5 years of being married, she thinks its high time. *mind.boggle* You don't see me asking you if you have made your funeral arrangements, do you? 'Coz you look like you are in your 80's and I think its high time too. (Only if I could say this out loud!)
  2. Every time I have to fold laundry. Now don't get me wrong. I was raised to do all my personal errands myself and not be dependent on anyone for anything. But after marriage, the damn laundry never seems to leave my side. When I feel, "Phew! We are done for a long time now" I find myself folding towels again and thinking, "Didn't I JUST do this?!?!" - "When did my life come to this!?
  3. Every time I have to give up on a travel plan. Back in the day, I used to save ALL my holidays, sick days, every-fricking-off-day-possible for travel. Now sometimes, I am folding clothes on an 'off' day. Lately when I have to say, "No, ya. I do not think I can make it, 'coz I have xyz-damn-thing to do" or "because I have these prior-bloddy-commitemnts and I do think I can include this impromptu holiday in my budget!" it kills me. It really, really kills a BIG part of me! *sob*
Angelina, adopt me already! You need an Indian in your tribe. Trust me! :P

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