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Why I love GAP

Some of my stellar purchases from GAP over the last few years! 
Pants - Sale Purchase for $16 [2011]

Jeans - Full Price $69.00 [2010]

Shorts - Sale Purchase for $25.00 [2010]

Pants - Sale Purchase for $16.00 [2012]

Shorts - Sale Purchase for $17.00 [2012]

Up until 2009 I had only shopped at GAP once. I had purchased this jacket in 2005 and that was about it. However, today I LOVE GAP. I shop most of my basics (e.g. tee, sleepwear, etc.) and all my bottoms (e.g. shorts, pants, etc.). Of course two reasons for that are the fit & the price. It is rare that I would enter their store and not like something. Also you can say that I am a tad bit lucky to find stuff in my size on the SALE racks. 

My tips on how to find deals at GAP: 
  • Follow them on Twitter @GAP - They often broadcast about the sales and deals. 
  • Check them out during the non-sale period - Chances are you will end up finding better deals during the weekdays and other non-popular weekends, than you would around the Long weekends or Holiday Season. 
  • Search for online codes - If you are an online shopper, you have more options, with shopping codes, e.g. Active GAP Coupon 2012
  • Try it on - Often the sizes vary, so always try a size up and/or down to make sure you are not letting go of a good deal just because you were lazy to try it on. 
  • Alterations - We all know alterations are quite steeply priced in this part of the world. However, it would be smart to consider them, if you find an investment piece on SALE, which can be easily altered/fixed.

Do you shop at GAP?

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