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The Husband Series (IV) - Science Trivia

First things first - The winner of the Oasap Giveaway is Olesia Flegka

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If you have been around for a while, then you know that Dr. Fab is kind enough to do a post for the blog once in a while to help me out. Specially when I am swamped with work or when I lack inspiration to write about something. Now, while I would love for him to fill in more frequently, but once a year a just fine with me. If marriage has taught me something, then it is to not try my luck one too many times. I am sure married women know what I am talking about :) In this particular post, he tells how science can be used in social situations. He is a scientist, hence he knows what he is talking about here. Trust me! ;)

How to use science to get out of tricky situations - 

Love - Oxytocin is the hormone which is associated with the feeling of ‘love’. Its importance is widely demonstrated in acts of orgasm, maternal behavior, and friendliness towards a person. It is, therefore, commonly referred to as the ‘love hormone’. 

How to (mis)use this trivia – If you don’t feel love towards someone anymore and feel like breaking up with them you can actually say, “Sorry it’s not you, it’s me. There’s something wrong with my oxytocin secretion when I am around you, nowadays”.

Longevity - There is some belief in the scientific community that we all have a certain number of total heart beats at our disposal. For example, mice have a faster heart rate but a shorter life span. In comparison, humans and elephants have a slower heart rate but a longer life span. Hence, one way to longevity would be to slow down the resting heart rate. Anxiety and stress can increase the resting heart rate, whereas, meditation and sleep slows it down. This might be a reason why Budhist monks or Ancient Sadhus had a very long life span.
How to (mis)use this trivia – If your mom complains about you being too lazy and sleeping all day, just tell her that you are working on your resting heart rate.

Memories - Prefrontal cortex is the part of the brain that is associated with making short term memories. It is located right behind the forehead. Short term memory loss as seen in the popular movies Memento/Ghazini was a result of an injury to this part of the brain. [BTW, I highly recommend Memento if you have not seen it yet.]
How to (mis)use this trivia –Before getting into a fight, set basic rules of not hitting each other’s forehead as later on you might not remember what you were fighting for. Ladies, this is especially important in situations of Cat fights :P [ I wish no one gets into a fight. But if you do, most important thing is to ask someone to make a video and post it on YouTube :D]

I hope you guys, learnt a thing or two (or three!). My personal favorite was the trivia on 'oxytocin'. It is helpful for my personality. In case you are interested in reading, below are the previous posts by Dr. Fab. on the blog:

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