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Movie Review: Heroine

Woah! So we made it to the cinemas on two consecutive Fridays. That in itself deserves a service in praise of the Lord. But the joy didn't last that long as the entertainment this weekend was of sub-standard at most

We saw the movie "Heroine" last friday, and before even going for the movie, I was eagerly looking forward to reviewing it here on the blog. However, now I would like to call this more of a 'sympathy note to the director' than a movie review. Madhur Bhandarkar got it so terribly wrong. You'd think after all the drama with actresses dropping in-and-out of his movie, he'd at least read his own script twice over. It is not that its a bad movie, because there is no movie. It is more like a random display of events where one scene has absolutely nothing to do with another. He probably sat on Youtube and went through all the possible scandals from the last decade and decided to shoot them to amuse himself. 

He displays his 'Heroine' aka Kareena to be bipolar to justify her random bursts of anger and passion. If you ask me, she'd probably have to be octo-polar with the number of personalities she was depicting. I do sympathize with Kareena though. Poor girl, gave it her all. And one can see she tried her best. She was the only thing keeping me in my seat and hoping for Madhur to redeem himself at some point in the movie. Kareena was probably banking of this movie to get her National Award, as most of Madhur's heroines do. Unfortunately, the only way she is receiving a National Award is, if they create a new category called the Best Actress is the Most Senseless Movie. Though, I'd like to mention she was glowing in the movie. With or without photoshop, I'd never know, but she looked stunning.

Alas! Aishwarya Rai, definitely has the last laugh here!    

This is the what I wore to Elaine Turner's Store opening on Thursday.

Blazer - Calvin Klein [10']
Dress - ASOS [12']
Shoes - JustFAB [12']
Cuff - Won via Giveaway at SSW [12']
Ring / Necklace /  Earrings - Crazy & Co. [12']

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