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Movie Review - Barfi!

Friday was a beautiful day. A) San Antonio had the best weather, since I have moved here. B) We saw the movie Barfi!, the same day it has released. And if you are a regular reader, you must remember my whining few weeks back, how it has become a rarity in our life to even visit the cinemas, forget catching the movie the same day it releases. Well, God Bless the distributors of the movie for releasing it here on time. 

So, now the Review (on the popular demand of my Dad!) : Barfi! is a story set in 1970's which goes to-and-fro with the current year. In the movie, the hero cannot speak or hear and one of the heroines is battling the society's norms while the other one is autistic. Ranbir's character (aka Barfi!) is a mix of Chaplin-meets-Kishore Kumar-meets-Raj Kapoor-meets-Sanjeev Kumar. In other words, best of all! You have to give it to him, for choosing one author-backed-yet-unconventional-roles one after another. Priyanka as Jhilmil, an autistic girl, gets her character bang on. In my personal opinion, she has finally acted. And how. Ileana D'Cruz as Shruti, an elite Bengali girl plays her role convincingly with a touching sensitivity.

What I liked the most about the movie was how the writers didn't invoke pity and sympathy for the characters, instead let the audience's emotions flow on its own. It was such a delight to see the mischief and happiness of Barfi and the innocence and purity of Jhilmil. I was glad that the writers didn't feel the need to define their lives with their disability, unlike most Indian movies where handicapped people are show only in the state of misery and despair. One of the messages I took away from the movie, was that just because you are handicapped in one area of your life, it doesn't mean you are not capable of being happy and joyful in others. 

After the debacle called "Kites", director Anurag Basu can take a bow. He moves his audience and delivers with this movie. Barfi! is a sweet (triangle) love story which warms your heart and leaves you with a sublime pain. Needless to say, if you haven't seen Barfi! yet, you must. It will enrich you!

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