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Minimalist & Monochrome

A lot of people think that because I am married, I must 'believe' in marriage, having-children, settling down in one city ... so on and so forth! The truth is i don't. I only believe in happiness and mental peace. I think everyone should do what is right for him or her. How the next person decides to lead their life, cannot should not influence anyone to make that same decision. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong in staying single, choosing career over love, getting divorced or anything else for that matter. If you believe it will make you happy and thats what you want out of your life, then that's exactly what you should do. Life is too short to over think. The only rule I got is - no whining! Make a decision and stick by it. Don't throw blame around or curse the world to dealing you a bad hand. Think real hard what you want, and then make it happen or at least die trying! 

50 years from now, when you are probably dead (or close!), world is not going to be judging you, might not even remember you. Although they might hear or read about your adventures purely for entertainment purposes, ... so at least make it worth their while, no? ;) 

 Blazer - Urban Outfitters [12']
Dress - Promod [10']
Shoes - Nine West [09']

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