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IFB Conference 2012

So the big question everyone asks, right after you return from one of these conferences is - "What did you learn? Share!" Unfortunately, I do not have anything new to share, which I haven't already mentioned in my various 'blogging' related posts or the last year's IFB Recap Post. After nearly three years of blogging I have pretty much figured out whatever there is to figure out about blogging. You do, however, learn about all the new websites, tools and apps that are coming out which can assist you in either promoting or protecting your blog. I wish I could articulate that stuff into words, but I am just not a very tech-savvy blogger. 

After you have listened to all the seasoned (successful?) bloggers who are on the panels, you realize none of them had any one-set-mantra for their success. They all followed their passions and made things happen which, made them reach where they are. So the lesson here, (as everywhere!) is to do what you like, with honesty and continue to evolve and improve. And with a little bit of luck, one day you will get where you wish to be. And that is that! 

Moving on ... so this is what I wore to the IFB Conference this year (Check out my outfit from last year here). I was feeling very bohemian that day. Unfortunately, the humidity in the city last week, left me feeling more disgusted than chic. Oh well! What you gonna do? Can't fight mother nature.  

Bralet - UO [12']
Pants - UO [12']
Cardigan - GAP [11']
Shoes - c/o Sway Chic [12']
Accessories - Crazy & Co. [12']
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