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Fitness Friday: via Fabulously Average

Dear Fitness Enthusiasts, you know how we are always looking for ways to stay motivated here on the blog and take our butts to the gym (no matter what)? Today, I have decided to bring in someone who motivates me, when I am having a lazy day. 
Please welcome, Joanne from Fabulously Average.

Hola from sunny Phoenix! I am excited to be guest posting for the vivacious Tanvi today! Let me introduce myself, my name is Joanne and I blog over at
Fabulously Average, a life and personal style blog where I share what I wear, what I eat and what covet, all while aiming to keep budgets intact. Today Tanvi has asked me to share some tips that have helped me get my butt to the gym and has motivated me to live a healthier lifestyle. Let me start off with say that this list is endless but I’ve decided to share those that have proven most successful in my life.

  1. Cute (functional) workout gear- as vain as this one might sound what I wear has a huge impact on getting me to the gym. Now I’m not saying to add some accessories and makeup in to the mix, but sporting some cute threads takes some of the dread out of my session at the gym. Some of my favorite stores for fashionable, affordable fitness apparel are Old Navy and discount department stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls.
  2. Snacks for your day- I tend to eat healthier throughout the day if I’ve prepared properly. Snacks have a huge impact on your weight loss plan so preparedness is important. Pack munchies that help fight hunger pains and curve your hunger. Some snakes you might consider packing: nuts or trail mix, string cheese, celery and peanut butter, sliced peppers.
  3. the ‘3 more’ rule- my husband once gave me the advice that when I think I’m spent to try and push through 3 more of whatever exercise I’m doing. I thought this was such a great suggestion and have implemented the ‘3 more rule’ in to my everyday workout. Try it next time you think your body has given up. You’ll be surprised to know it’s possible!
  4. Change things up- if you do 30 minutes on the treadmill every day that may become monotonous, so consider changing things up! Try the stationary bike for a low impact cardio exercise, the Stairmaster for an intense leg workout, sprints to get the heart pumping, or even jump a little rope. 

  1. Buddy system- if you go to the gym with a friend I’m happy for you. However my buddy system theory is a little different than most. When you’re on the treadmill scoping out the scene before you, look for the person with the most similar body to yours or someone whose body you’d like to have. Now compete with this person. Stay on the treadmill as long as they do, if not longer. Try and do more reps than this person. If you treat the gym like a competition, you’d be surprised how far you’ll push yourself.
  2. Set realistic expectations- this one is pretty self-explanatory. Don’t kid yourself and set goals that are not achievable, this will only harm you in the long run. However on the other hand, don’t sell yourself short. Set goals that are attainable but still challenging.  
  3. Hydrate- I try and drink three bottles of water (16.9 fluid ounces) before I hit the gym for the day. And while I’m at the gym I down another bottle. Staying hydrated throughout the day is very important, as it flushes out our system and speeds up metabolism.  
  4. Last but certainly not least, create a booty shakin’ playlist that will make working out a personal dance party! I need jams to get myself in to gear and have put together a list of some of my favorites. Feel free to add to your own playlist!

  • Destiny’s Child - I’m a Survivor
  • JLo - Do it Well
  • Knock Knock - Mac Miller
  • Janet Jackson - All Nite (Don’t Stop)
  • Pussy Cat Dolls - Jai Ho
  • Miley Cyrus - Party in the USA
  • Alex Clare - Up All Night
  • Selena Gomez - Hit the Lights
  • Kanye West - Champion
  • Shakira ft. Lil Wayne - Give it Up to Me

Well, that’s it from me today friends. Thanks so much for having me Tanvi!! It was a true pleasure. Happy Friday!

I hope you all got as motivated, as I get from Joanne's fitness updates. Do stop by Fabulously Average and check out her fabulous blog! Thank you so much for sharing these tips Joanne. 
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