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Absent Minded!

I have been 'extraordinarily' absent minded lately and it has started to worry me. No, ... no I am not being dramatic. Really. Read and decide for yourself! 

The other day I came out of my bedroom, and was startled to find a stranger in the living room. I am thinking, "I didn't open the door, so how did this person get inside our house?" As it figures out, it my just my husband, who had knocked, but since I didn't hear it (as I was lost in thoughts), decided to use his key and enter. Then again yesterday, I was craving pizza so I went to pick it up, and when I returned home, husband opened the door. I was surprised. I asked him, "Where's your car?" He replied, "It is parked right next to yours!". And it was, I just hadn't noticed it as I was lost in my thoughts, again! Now this never happens to me. I am always alert. Always aware of my surroundings. I am the person, who notices the billboard on every nook and turn and remembers the street she had crossed even it was tiny alley. So this is a matter of worry for me. I think I need a holiday. I need rest. Right? What do y'all think? 

Blouse - via Macy's [07']
Pants - via Saks [11']
Shoes - Shellys [London, 08']
Bangle - Gift from Mom [11']
Earrings / Ring - Crazy & Co. [12']
Star Necklace - c/o by boe [12']

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