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Readers Spotlight (XIX) - Ashwini

Hey Tanvi,

Hope you doing well!

I was inspired by the pictures in your post 'Munni Badnaam à la Tanvi' - where you wore a gorgeous printed skirt as a strapless dress. Totally inspired from that look, I wore my printed skirt as a dress on our trip to Canada last year summer [ya, I have been following you since long there ;)]. That was a huge risk for me personally, firstly 'cause it was a trip, so I am little skeptical of trying new things with fear of messing up my outfits and my pictures. Secondly, I have never worn a skirt as a dress before but I must say it was a 'fashionable' risk. It was perfect, and I couldnt tell if it was a skirt or dress ;)

I have always worn this skirt well lets say, as a skirt, but when I wore it as a dress (in the second picture), I added bright pink accents as a sweater (Canada is cool in summer too!), pink belt, and pink beaded necklace and earrings. I wore white flats (not in picture) to balance out the color burst going on up there my bag was white too with little pale pink design. My pictures came out great and I was comfy (which is my style) and cute. Score! In the first picture, I wore the skirt with a neon green top and brown vest. I have paired it with a tiered necklace, jute bags and black sandals. I never knew this skirt was so versatile, if it wasn't for your post! Thanks for inspiring always!

Ashwini, I too, think that you took a fashionable risk indeed. I am glad that, that trick worked out for you so well. I have tried this several times with most of my skirts now, and once even on a trip to Boston, and it has never disappointed. In fact, if I may say so, I am more inclined to your second look. That outfit is making you look slender, youthful and very trendy! Thank you for sending in your pictures and reading my blog so regularly.  

For those who are new here: This is a segment where my readers get to share their style or ask for suggestions (if they need any!) from all my readers. So if you have been inspired by my blog then Email me your outfit pictures for this feature. If anyone wishes to stay Anonymous just say the word. post this feature every alternate Friday.
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