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Personal ...

... Observations: (Please read them with a hint of humor)

  • I feel that in social media a lot gets lost in translation & interpretation, so better to be 'extra' polite than 'not enough' 
  • I think I will die 'coz I was too efficient and finished all my life's tasks sooner than God had intended me to :P
  • I have issues with over using the words, "Thank You" & "Sorry". Sometimes its the other person's fault and I end up saying, "Sorry" and then think to myself, "why did I say sorry?"
  • All my school/college life my favorite font was Times Roman (I blame it on Windows) but for last couple of years, I simply despise it. I will use any font but Times Roman. Weird, eh?
  • "If you can't solve a problem, it is because you are playing by the rules!"

Enjoying the Old Town in Montreal

Dress - Oasap [12']
Shoes - Aldo [11']
Bracelets - C&Co. [12']
Long Necklace - Etsy [11']
Short Necklace - Gift from Dhwani [12']
Rings - Gift from Mom / Givenchy / C&Co. [12']
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