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Once a year, lunch date

Every year we (Dr. Fab & Me) decide we will go for lunch dates during the week, but we never end up doing it more than once a year (2010, 2011), wonder why that is. And it just so happens all three mid-week-dates have been in the same vicinity. *hmmmm* Life is weird that ways. 

Anyhooo, we are back on track with my outfit posts, although this one is from last week. If you have been catching up my Facebook updates, you'd know I have been craving fall already, but since I live in Texas, it ain't gonna happen up until mid-November (if I am lucky, that is) but that isn't stopping me from virtually curating fall outfits. Dreams are all we have sometimes, isn't it? :o)

Top - via TJ Maxx [09']
Skirt - French Connection [05']
Shoes - From Amritsar [11']
Designer Sunglasses - Juicy Couture [10']
Arm Candy - Here & There [07'/11'/12']
Choker - Necklace c/o AliExpress by Alibaba.com

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