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Must Haves in every 25+ Girl's Closet

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According to the common parlance in India, women at the age of 25 should be married, have a kid and if not the typical aunties in the surroundings will start looking at you in a very-very weird way. Okay but to get back to the topic and keeping aside the (irritating) glances of those aunties, let's talk about the wardrobe essentials.

• A classic dress to suit your body type and to compliment your figure is a must have and for the matter of case, its a wardrobe essential for every women. Choose anything from maxi dresses, knee length or short dresses.

Well-fitted jeans for quick dressing up and for few comfortable errands. Choose a colour which goes well with most of your wardrobe pieces.

• Neutral coloured blouse or top with which you can experiment and put your dressing up skills to test. Neutral shades work well with coloured pants & printed skirts which will give you a chance to experiment or stick to the staple and team it up with jeans and blazer for a formal avatar.

• A bag is every girl's best friend. It can carry around their world in it. Grown-up bags to stuff your daily needs and to avoid those clumsy moments.

• A comfortable pair of heels is also a wardrobe essential. It can help you move around for the whole day without hurting your feet. If you like wedges, nothing better than it. Flats which suit almost all your outfits are also must haves.

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