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How to dress for skinny bodies?

We all have a friend who can eat unlimited amount of unhealthy food without being fat and we are jealous of them (if you are someone's that friend, hold on for a second). So the general notion around is curvy=fat and skinny=anorexic. What curvy people don't realise that if it's difficult for them to wear some type of clothes, it's also difficult for skinny people to style up things without looking like clothes hanger. Here are few do's and dont's for the skinny people:

• Jeans is a wardrobe essential and selecting one to suit your body type is very important. Naturally skinny people should usually avoid skinny fit jeans as it will make you look more slender, instead shop for straight fit jeans it will balance your silhouette. Pair it with sheer shirt, blazer and nude heels for office casual look. Nude heels will make you look taller. If you have a favourite pair of skinny jeans you love putting on, wear it with oversized shirts/tees or the latest obsession, cropped tees. Palazzo pants are also one of the tempting options available, very much in trend right now.

• Another wardrobe essential is a dress. Everyone should have one dress that compliments your body and can be dressed up or dressed down as per the occasion. Go for a-line dresses in your favourite print, preferably in a colour which is not too loud. It can be structured with the help of wide waist belts. Layer the dress with a light cardigan or a jacket to complete the look the take the focus away from the 'skinny' waist. 

• High waist trouser/skirt/shorts are available in plenty of variety in the market and these are the perfect option for you. It makes your waist look little fuller. Printed and bright hued bottoms worn with the horizontal stripes will give you a perfect look.

• Accessorising is very important to instantly glamourise your look, as well as to give a finish touch to your outfit. (Post on How to accessorize, here) Experiment with all the jewelry pieces in your wardrobe, layering is the uber stylish option. Stack bracelets and big bangles. Invest in big bold statement making pieces. 

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