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Five Fabulous Fashionistas 2012

The most wonderful thing about blogging for a number of years is that there are customs that have been formed and series that have started. So much fricken data has been collected just purely by having a blog, that it is phenomenal. Getting back to today's post, for the last 2 years I have done a post on 12th August, about 5 bloggers who are blowing my mind. I am going to maintain that custom and share this 2012's Fabulous Five with you! Get ready as your mind will boggle with their drool worthy styles.

Fabulous Joanne

We share the liking towards 'living a fit life' and of course the love for blogging. She's kind of girl who can carry off all the styles so well and she is not afraid to experiment. I love the way she mixes different colours in one outfit.

Get back to the basics with Sarah

Sarah pulls off the  basic pieces in the most awesome  manner. I love the way she accessorise her outfit. She can doll up any outfit with those beautiful jewellery pieces. Stalk her blog for the inspiration to style one apparel piece in different styles.

Daring fashionista - Rachel

This girl attracts your attention with her beautiful smile and interesting mix of prints and combinations in  her clothes. She's the one who dares to be different but at the same time has a subtle sense of style, adds simple jewellery to quirk up the outfit.

Urban hippie- Erika

The moment you enter the blog you'll fall in love with it. Breath-taking styling of black&white outfits and colourful ones is sure to leave you inspired. Also you'll be in a awe to see how beautifully the gold jewellery is styled. Stalk the blog for summer style inspiration.

The Fashion Artist- Hope

Looking for fashion inspiration and want jaws to drop? Stalk this blog. Her bio mentions that my clothes are paint and my body is canvas and that's exactly what her blog is about. Picture perfect magazine like shots will leave you mesmerized.

Did their style inspire you as well? 

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