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Fitness Friday: Decision Time!

Lately, since I have had my plate full, the first thing I think of cutting off from my schedule, I am ashamed to say, is often workout. It is so easy to make excuses when you don't have enough hours in the day. I wake up by 6:00am so the only way to add few more hours would be to wake up sooner. But that is not possible as I only go to bed by 10:30pm nowadays and I need my 7 hours of sleep, no matter what. I am the most productive in the morning. I can achieve 5 hours of work in an hour in the mornings, and as the day goes by my productivity decreases. Hence, I am more inclined towards implementing my creative ideas and ticking everything off my to-do-list as early as possible in the day.   

So why I am telling you this mundane-boring-anecdote? Well, because I have had to dig deeper and try harder to hit to gym and stay active. By 2pm when most of my work is completed, I have cooked the food, cleaned the house, I have a decision to make - either I can call it a day or I can put on my workout gear and still make it to the gym. My husband's work starts at 7:00am which means he gets back 4:00pm, hence I need to get my workout done before that. I literally talk to myself (like a crazy person), "Tanvi, this is a do or die situation. Get your derrière to the gym or soon you will be fat again!". All my motivational tips stop working on me, after one point or another. I don't know about you, but tough-love always works on my psyche. Also, trying new activities and workout helps. My current love is Hip-Hop & Bootcamps. And yours?
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