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Caught Reading

One of the things that I look forward to while traveling nowadays is reading! I know, right? Can't I do it at home? As it figures out, I can't. I am bit of a scatter brain at home. A bit too easily distracted. As soon as I pick a book to read, I realize I have to put laundry for this week, and from there I would go to the kitchen and start preparing for the next meal, and then go check my email, just in case something urgent came in (which never happens, by the way!) and so on and so forth ... 

But when I am on a holiday, I have nothing on my mind. I have a book 24/7 in my hand. Every time we would take a break (from walking or driving) I would go back to my books, while Dr. Fab would go take pictures of the scenery and what not. And it just so happens that he caught me reading (via his lens) more than once. 

I love these pictures, specially 'coz I they are candid (not staged!) and now I know how I look while reading at random places. Also, they make me nostalgic of my teenage days, when in spite of all the exams, assignments and million other academic books to read, I had enough time to read my fiction too. I really need to stop being such a distracted soul and commit to a book on weekly basis ... I really should ... But I won't ... 'Coz I can't ... But I should ... Agrh! Such a vicious cycle. 

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