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Spiderman & Batman

There was a time, not long ago, when I couldn't live without watching all the latest movies, that too on Friday itself. And now? Well I barely make it to the cinemas once a month. Life, I tell you. Growing up sucks, in more than one way. Anyways, without whining any further, I finally made it to the theaters this Friday and watched, not one but two 'superhero' movies. I am sure most movie buffs must have already seen them both but on a reader's request I am micro- reviewing them, just for old times sake! 

Review: The Amazing Spider Man
Now I wasn't a big fan of Tobey Maguire. He looked more like a malnutritioned poor kid than a superhero. Not to say Andrew Garfield is super muscular either, but he is right for the part. The movie starts right from the beginning, showing how a nerdy-bullied-kid happen to acquire few 'superhero' powers. The director, Mark Webb, of 500 Days of Summer fame, has depicted Spiderman to be more human than ever, which makes his character much more interesting and relatable for me. I liked that the writers didn't take their sweet time in getting to the point. From the word go, you know Peter Parker is meant for greater things. Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy is perfect, but then I could be biased, but I am pretty sure, she was perfect. Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben and Sally Field as Aunt May played their parts well. My biggest surprise was to find Irrfan Khan (Indian Actor) in it. How come no one had mentioned anything about it anywhere? I mean I usually hear all my news on Twitter. Anyways, the sheer experience of seeing Spiderman swing freely was pretty-damn-exhilarating. 

Review: The Dark Knight Rises
I have never been a fan of Batman. He has got to be the weakest hero of them all. My personal childhood favorite is and will always be Superman. Anyways, back to the review, ... I went to see the movie with an open mind. Firstly, I had forgotten all about the previous one, and since I hadn't seen any movie in a long time, I was more than happy to catch this much talked about one. The movie had its moments and although it finally came all together, it sure took its sweet time in getting there. The narrative was a tad-bit slow for my taste. And then I didn't appreciate most of the performances either. Anne Hathaway wasn't catty enough for Catwoman, Marion Cotillard wasn't convincing enough ... and Tom Hardy? Now that's a different story. His character worked for me, and personally I think it is unfair to compare him to the Joker, as most people are doing with Heath Ledger having passed away and making that character a legend! Lastly, Christian Bale was good, even excellent in parts but not great. He leaves me wanting for more. Nonetheless, in the last 30 minutes, he more than make up for the rest of the movie but it would have been nice to have the same experience throughout. 

Between the two, I enjoyed Spiderman more! 

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