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Readers Spotlight (XVII) - S

Hello darling!

I was just checking your mix & match series, and am amazed by the versatility of certain garments! I get so much inspiration from your posts that I've decided to share this with you. 

I bought a pair of earrings last summer, which I never got to wear (I've become reaaaally lazy with jewelry, so I keep wearing the same ones). I liked them very much, but didn't feel like wearing them with any outfit. And a couple of months ago I came up with the idea of using them as collar brooches! But then I felt I could give them a better use, so I added them to a pair of shoes I redesigned! What do you think?

What do I think? I think you are a genius. Absolutely LOVE both the ideas. I MUST try this out for myself. I have to find a pair of earrings that I don't wear as much! Thank you so much for sharing these pictures with me. I am inspired and I am sure so is everyone who is reading this post. P.S. Also LOVE the over all look - the turban, those shoes, white shirt -!

For those who are new here: This is a segment where my readers get to share their style or ask for suggestions (if they need any!) from all my readers. So if you have been inspired by my blog then Email me your outfit pictures for this feature. If anyone wishes to stay Anonymous just say the word. post this feature every alternate Friday.
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