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Pet-Peeves Part II

- People who tweet to tell me they have sent an email
Now seriously! 24 hours is a respectable amount of time for anyone to respond back to your email. Someone could be at work, could be driving, or sleeping and there you are increasing their pressure. Not only would I have to reply to your email, I would also have to reply to your tweet ('coz I am a polite human being). Who has that much time in the world?

- People from my real life who tell me, "I read your blog" as soon as they meet/talk to me. Now, I am not being rude. I am humbled that you read my blog. I really am. But you don't have to tell me that every time we meet/talk unless there is something specific you would like to discuss about what you read. 'Coz in all honesty I have no response to that, except 'Thank You'! ... Then what? 

- People who cannot stop the pictures of their pets. I get it. You love your dog/cat, but do you really think people want to see them eating, sleeping, and doing whatever-it-is-that-they-do? It is almost like parents posting pictures of their kids. Why do they think that it would interest others, I can never understand that! 

- People who give minute-by-minute narration of their vacation WHILE they are on a vacation. I am glad you are having a good time, but ... are you? Really? 'Coz if you were you wouldn't have THIS much time to share about the fantastic holiday you are "currently" having. May be it is a personal thing, but when on a holiday, better to enjoy it than to share it with others 'coz that's cutting your holiday-time short. Think about it. 

- People who asks questions, which 'Google' can answer. I mean we all are a friendly lot and always help each other out but if God-Google can solve your problem why trouble another soul? Besides the fact that it might be quicker to google it, it will take exactly the same amount of time to type the questions. Wouldn't it?

Rant Over!

One of the outfits from the Quebec trip!

Dress - ASOS [12']
Shoes - ALDO [11']
Belt - GAP [12']
Sunglasses - D&G [11']
Ring - Oasap [12']
Bracelet - C&Co. [12']

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