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The thing with people, who don't like opinionated people, is that it automatically makes them one too. They've got an opinion about the 'opinionated' ... do they not, now? Personally I think most people are opinionated whether they would like to own up to it or not. Some of us make our opinions heard while others grumble inside and maintain a silent front on the outside. 

Now on the blog front I have observed there is a pattern in the kind of reaction I receive. We have discussed it previously as well, but this is from another angle. There are people who like what I have to say, 'coz it is like a guilty pleasure. I speak 'their' mind, and write about stuff which they are not able to say in their lives, for whatever reason. They read, smile, move on and then come back the next day for some more. The other kind are the ones who are just like me, with lots to say (opinions!) and share but they don't agree with me and in fact get frustrated. Mostly because they cannot tell me that they are offended. But yet, they keep tabs on me via the blog, of course. I don't know why though. But my guess is thats how curiosity killed the cat, eh! 

This outfit is from 10 days ago. The haircut-day

 Shorts - GAP [12']
Top - Anthropologie [09']
Bracelets & Rings - C&Co. [12']
Gold Cuff - Won via SSW' Giveaway [12']
Wedges - Dolce Vita via TJ Maxx [12']

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