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Office Wear Must Haves

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From colourful college campus to decently painted board rooms, similar is the transformation of the clothes. Many dread the transformation of careless to crisp dressing up. Here are the 5 golden rules to cake walk through this phase:

• It is very important to dress as per your office atmosphere. First you have to decide whether the dress code required in your office is business casual or business formal. You are lucky if the code is casual for your office, it depicts lots of liberty and freedom from crisp tailored suit everyday.

• Secondly it is necessary to dress as per the place. The clothes you wear should not be too tight or too loose. Well fitted clothes will boost your confidence and people will start taking you more seriously.

• Office clothing doesn't always mean boring mundane clothes. Choose your pieces intelligently. While dressing up for office you don't always have to dress up like opposite sex. Experiment with pencil skirts and sheath dresses.

• While on work most comfortable pair of shoes is the most essential thing. You don't want to slog with your heels in the office, select your footwear carefully. Also try to look for a comfortable pair of heels people are sure to look up at you. Stacking accessories is 'in' thing this season but for office you ought to keep it simple.

• Last but most important thing is choose the pieces that can transform you easily from office chic to casual beauty. Wear your sexy button down shirt with a scarf as a neck tie to office and with a contrast camisole for a casual day out. You need not maintain two exclusive wardrobes.

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