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Learn from the mistakes of others

You know the quote, "Learn from the mistakes of others." I don't know how it entered my head but it has been in swirling in there for a few days and I cannot help but wonder if it is rigged. If we all are different, we interpret things differently, we absorb them differently too then how can we all deduct the same learnings? For the most parts, I am who I am for my mistakes and failure, not even sparsely due to my achievements. A huge part of life is enjoying the ride, so if we don't walk a lot of paths for the fear of making the 'same mistakes' we are probably never going to learn the lesson which were supposed to be just for us! No? Tell me, you get what I mean? 

Footnote: We must learn from some vital life lessons though. Like the ones which might lead to death, like drinking an driving, drugs, alcoholism, suicide etc. 'coz there wouldn't be any lessons to learn if we are not around. Right? 

... and we learn from our colossal mistake and stick to shorts all summer! 
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Top - ASOS [11']
Shorts - GAP [09']
Shoes - Steve Madden [10']
Bag -  Kenneth Cole [12']
Collar Necklace - C&Co. [12']
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