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Fitness Friday: Run like you stole something!

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So last week I was all about dance and this week I am all about running. Remember my 2 minute attention span? So this time I have pledged to run OUTDOORS for 30 days for minimum of 4kms (2.48miles) each time. Up until 2 years ago I was not a runner (barring the treadmill). I did try but failed! *sad.face* But I am trying again! 7 days into it and so far it is going good. Here are some ways through which I am trying to stay motivated:

  • It took me 45 minutes to jog/run 4 kms (2.48 miles) the first time, there on I tried to beat that time and in one week, I am logging 35 mintues but the end of 30 days it should come down considerably.
  • I try and trick my brain by taking new routes and taking unexpected turns. If I know which direction I am going, I get bored and the motivation goes down
  • Also mixing it up with sprints, fast running and jogging. Instead of going fast downhill, I try and control my speed which makes it harder and gives my quads a good burn and instead of going slow uphill, I try and push myself to go swifter which makes my whole fricking body DIE! me sweat like a pig!
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