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Colossal Mistake

I don't know what I was thinking wearing these skinny cargos in this horrendous texan summer. It goes as high as 110ºF lately. 110ºF people! It's no joke. I wanted to rip-them-off my body (Salman Khan style @5.58 mark!), it was that horrible. And to add to my misery I decided to take outfit shots. 

Husband: I am not getting a good shot 'coz you are frowning!
Me: I am frowning, 'coz I am dying in this heat!
Husband: Just shake it off and try again
Me: ** No matter how much ever I shake this heat aint gonna go anywhere!
Husband: You aren't giving me a good pose. 
Me: ** How can I pose, when I am dying!??! 

Let's just say, I am just glad we got a few decent shots, 'coz clearly I wasn't even trying!

Shirt - Hand-me-down from Brother [11']
Chevron Ring & Earrings - Gift from Mom [10']
Silver Ring - Macy's [12']
Belt - Thrifted [Coach, 10']
Cargos - BCBG [09']
Cuff - InPINK [12']
Shoes - c/o Sway Chic [12']
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