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... as good as

A lot of you have asked me how it is going without comments on my blog! 

Comments: The biggest debate in the blogging world. It has been four months since I closed comments and I have not regretted it for a moment Having a thriving Facebook Page and Twitter accounts helps too! Now the ones who do not have a blog this post is not for you. You do not have a clue about what we (as bloggers) feel and experience so your opinions in this particular matter, don't matter! to put it bluntly.

Receiving comments was a wonderful experience. In the beginning, I would not even lie, I blogged only 'coz I was addicted to the feedback. So many wonderful people from all around the world, having such lovely things to say about my miniscule-little-life? Wow. I had sleepless nights, because I would wake up and check the downpour of comments on every blog post. 

But as time went by, the quality of comments deteriorated. The ones who left thoughtful, insightful and touching feedback reduced in number and the ones with such : "Great Post" , "Please check my blog" , "You look nice. Have a wonderful day!" increased by the multiples of 10! I know many people think that a blog without comments is as good as a magazine as it doesn't allow a dialogue/conversation (I used to think the same, up until last year) but in my experience it mostly ends with one comment and a consequent 'Thank you!'. That hardly qualifies as a dialogue. Nonetheless, what I am saying is that a comment is as good as the person writing it. 

Absolutely, in love with this dress! 

Bracelets - Streets of Delhi [07']
Ring - C&Co. [12']
Bag - Kenneth Cole [12'] 
Dress - Oasap [12']
Flats - Aldo [10']

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